nightmirrors (faege) wrote,


Hey guys! Remember me?

Almost a year since I last posted, OVER a year since I posted any fic, and over TWO YEARS since I posted anything for Theophany...I'm here to say it's finished and will be posted today.

You might've guessed that I'm not really in fandom anymore. I don't watch SPN, even though it has a special place in my heart, and I've mostly given up writing fanfic in favor of working on an original project. I wasn't going to leave this story hanging, though, after I'd promised it would be finished. So, author's note: it's not as good as I wanted it to be, it's not as bad as I feared, and I'd rather give you something instead of having it endlessly hanging over my head. I've loved writing SPN fic, and I won't say I'll never write another one, but finishing Theophany and posting it is kind of my farewell to fandom.

It's been a wild ride, guys. And a good one.
Tags: fic: theophany, mumbo jumbo, the addiction [supernatural]

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