nightmirrors (faege) wrote,

Fic: Epiphany [masterpost]

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The point is that legends are as good as myths--everyone has his own opinion, and not half of them are right. The point is that Sam Winchester returns from Hell three months after he jumped in, and there’s nothing that’s legend about that.

Sam returns from Hell with his body intact--and his powers, too. With Sam's abilities cleansed of Azazel's taint, Heaven decides that a Sam with powers is a soldier they want. But the angels aren't known for keeping the Winchesters' best interests at heart and Sam has enough on his plate when his newly-cleansed powers take a sinister turn. Fighting a battle between Heaven's wishes and a deadly force from within, Sam and Dean hunker down in a small town in Virginia and wait for something to break.

Post Season 5 AU, Gen, PG-13, ~60,000 words, angst

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Tags: fic: epiphany, fiction, the addiction [supernatural]
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