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That Master List

UPDATE 5/12/17: I occasionally dust things off over here, but my LJ and tumblr are 99.9% abandoned a.k.a. no new things will be forthcoming.

Any new fanfic will be posted to AO3.

Stories are ordered from oldest to most recent. Personally, I'd recommend you head for the bottom of the list.


01. Chores (Sam/Jess, G)
Jess had filled in the details, but Dean had built the foundation. [934 words]

02. Bars (Gen, G)
The bars keep Sammy safe, but they also keep him from Sammy. [~700 words]

03. Vivisection of the Soul (Gen, PG) for Prompt #21: Air
He knew grief well enough to see the symptoms in someone else. [664 words]

04. Here (Gen, PG) for Prompt #25: Yearn
"You were gone. I was here." [610 words]

05. In Your Sights (Gen, G) for Prompt #18: Sight
"Keep him in your sights, son." [~500 words]

06. John's Weapons (Gen, G)
Sometimes he forgot that weapons could carry weapons too [783 words]

07. Not Sam (Gen, PG-13) for Prompt #27: Fire
Dean got off the rack and picked up the scalpel and was thankful. [~2,350 words]

08. H(a)unted (Gen, PG) for Prompt #1: Dark
Sam hunted monsters. And monsters hunted him. [~1,000 words]

09. Listen Up (Gen, PG)
Sam's at Stanford. Then he's a monster. Music prompts. [~300 words]

10. Blood is Thicker Than Water (Gen, PG) for Prompt #19: Blood and Prompt #26: Water
He sucks it down because he needs it, because if he wants to live he has no other choice. Bookends to Season 4. [~200 words]

11. Be My Rock (Gen, G)
"Dean, always with the scissors." Coda to 2.17 ("Heart") and 3.10 ("Dream A Little Dream of Me"). [~1,240 words]

12. Blissful Ignorance (Gen, PG)
He had thought he wanted to know everything about Sam. He was wrong Coda to 2.21 ("All Hell Breaks Loose"). [~1,000 words]

13. Costly (Gen, G)
He could, in good conscience, finally buy something that wouldn’t save his life someday Stanford Era. [710 words]

14. Sunspots (Gen, G) for Prompt #29: Sun
He rolled into bed that night feeling cotton-tongued and achy, and told himself that whenever he went out in the sun he always burned. And now he had no Sam to count the freckles on his back. [~800 words]

15. Some People Pray for World Peace (Gen, G)
I want a world of pieces put back together and patched holes, darned socks and resoled shoes. Sam's post-apocalypse thoughts. [~350 words]
            Podfic read by elsewhere_kels

16. Some People Pray for Miracles (Gen, G)
I want a world, plain and simple Dean's post-apocalypse thoughts. [445 words]

17. Scarlet Strings Tie Us Together (Gen, PG)
A day in the life of the Winchesters. [1,606 words]

18. Sanity Is Relative (Gen, PG-13)
AU. Dean goes a little crazy after Sam goes to Hell. [~1,200 words]

19. Drabbles (Gen, PG)
Includes crazy!Sam, age-regressed!Castiel, and Sam looking in through windows.

20. Northern Star (Gen, G)
There are many things Sam is not and one thing that he is. [613 words]

21. but this is a world of sweets and sours (Gen, PG)
When Sam is gone, Dean has nightmares. [530 words]

22. I Looked East and West (Gen, PG)
You are at a crossroad. You have always been at a crossroad. [~300 words]

23. We Will Not Grow Old(Gen, PG)
There are some things that we will never have to worry about. [~350 words]

24. Both (Gen, G)
"Which wolf wins?" "The one you feed." ~800 words]

25. solar flare of fireworks (Gen, G)
There was a time when all you needed to be happy was a skinny boy in a sweatshirt. Remember? ~300 words]

26. Yellow (Gen, G)
When Sam was little, he had a book—a picture book—that he carried everywhere. ~1,700 words]
            Podfic read by alice_alaizabel

27. First Step (Gen, G) for the ohsam May 2, 2012 comment fic meme
"Just pick the kid up, Sam,” Dean snaps and gives another kick to the rusted gate. [~1,260 words]

28. Purgatory (Gen, G)
7.23 AU - Dean finds Jess in Purgatory [~1,600 words]

29. My Hands to Learn (Gen, PG) for spn_j2_xmas 2012
Sam and Dean hunt the Abominable Snowman. [~2,000 words]

30. Epiphany [masterpost] (Gen, PG-13)
Post S5 AU - The point is that legends are as good as myths--everyone has his own opinion, and not half of them are right. The point is that Sam Winchester returns from Hell three months after he jumped in, and there’s nothing that’s legend about that. [~60,000 words]

31. Theophany: Halloween [masterpost] (Gen, PG, part one of the Epiphany sequel)
In January, Dean had reached the end of his rope. Sam was gone, along with any contact with Heaven or its angels, and Dean was left to live a life he hadn't asked for, in a small town, alone. By October, all of that has changed. [~7,500 words]

32. Theophany: Thanksgiving [masterpost] (Gen, PG, part two of the Epiphany sequel)
Dean is ready to start hunting again, starting with whatever it is that's been mysteriously leaving feathers everywhere. It'd be easier if he wasn't distracted by real life--and a recurring dream of Sam. [~8,300 words]

33. Theophany: Christmas [masterpost] (Gen, PG, part three of the Epiphany sequel)
A year after Sam's disappearance, he comes back. But wings aren't the only change in Dean's brother. [17,200 words]

34. Cabin Retreat (Gen, PG) for spn_j2_xmas 2013
Sam and Dean settle for the night in an abandoned cabin after a hunt in snowy Wisconsin. [~2,000 words]

35. Put It to Rest (Gen, G) for spn_j2_xmas 2014
Dean's first visit to Stanford was supposed to be a secret.. [~2,100 words]

Dark Angel
Little Boy Lost (Gen, G)
He was just a little boy, throwing a temper tantrum with his fists. [601 words]

By Any Other Name (Gen, G)
Alec lived up to his name constantly, always smirking and quirking his eyebrows as if life was a joke and he was good at calling card tricks. Tag to Berrisford Agenda. [1,500 words]

Advent Children
Hold This Sword (Gen, G)
Take--take! the older pleads. [286 words]
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